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Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time.

                                                                                                                         – Elon Musk





What is a brand? At the onset, a brand is nothing but a name! A name which is firstly spoken by very few men. 

As more and more people start this name, the brand voice goes from a whisper to a deafening chant. And, every brand aims for that deafening chant. 

The process which takes a brand’s voice from a whisper to a deafening chant is called the BRANDING! Formally speaking, Branding is a set of actions that help showcase a brand’s 3Ps i.e. Purpose, Promise & Personality. 

Branding is the process that gives consumers reasons to embrace products. Every consumer is constantly asking brands – ‘WHY SHOULD I SPEND MY MONEY ON YOUR PRODUCT?’ Branding provides the answer to this question.


But first, let’s address the elephant in the room – ‘Why do brands need Branding?’ 

Well, branding is a continuous process of creating a perception that the brand is desirable, relevant, unique and cool. For your brand to have value, it should emotionally appeal to the consumers i.e. it should be relatable, reliable and consistent. 

But, most importantly, it should evolve with time and the changing needs of consumers. Jeffrey Harmon of Harmon Brothers says that “branding is the experience marketers create to win that attention.” 

Every branding element is defined by what brands represent, including in advertising and social media.


Branding is a MINDGAME

Humans are not just wallets/ATM cards. They have a mind and more importantly, a heart. Successful brands capture not only their imaginations but also, their hearts and minds. 

The most important step of branding is creating an emotional connection. To forge this connection, you need expertise. And, this is where branding agencies come into the picture. 

Branding agencies are instrumental in power-charging brand awareness and brand exposure. Thus, creating a deep connection that builds lasting relationships. 

The trick here is to compel the consumer to buy a product believing that he/she decided with free will. Lester Wunderman, author of says “Advertising becomes a dialogue that becomes an invitation to a relationship.”



How to Increase Brand Awareness & Exposure

Humans are attracted to humans. Hence, the swiftest way for brands to relate to consumers is via a distinct and authentic personality. This personality is accumulated over time through their strategies as well as the action of their employees. 

There is no shortcut to manufacture a brand’s personality, it requires the right tool and strategies. This begins with recruiting a top branding agency. This will help in moulding the value of the brand will lay the foundation for the brand’s personality. 

A brand’s voice should define what the brand won’t compromise on, such as quality, safety, transparency, sustainability, trust and/or customer service. It is also, good to say what a brand won’t ever do or will never be. 

These things channel a brand’s tone of voice. Once ascertained, these brand messages must find the right mode of transmission to the consumers. And, when advertising campaigns constantly hammer these messages in the minds of the consumers, brand awareness and exposure increase.

But branding is neither simple nor unnecessary. Hence, it requires expertise. So, if you are looking to improve your brand’s voice, you need to hire one of the best branding agencies in Dubai. 


To find the answer to the question ‘how to improve your brand?, you are just one click away connect with us today.


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